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While the relation between citizens and the government, civil rights, and the concepts of civil life quality has increasingly been under consideration of the political, management, legal, and social sciences' intellectuals and scholars, the role of quality in the relations between citizens, and the government has not been of much concern so far.
An enthusiastic citizen is a participating person for whom the future of civil life, and working environment where he lives has valuable position in the value hierarchy, and he tries to further lead this future to happiness and well-being through his active and voluntarily participation.
Civil rights are positions granted to any person who is a full-scale member of the society.
All these people have equal positions and rights, and duties and responsibilities proportionate to those positions.
Civil rights indicate the relations between the citizens, and their relations with government organizations and in this manner it should be known as a special interpretation of “civil rights” in general.
Different approaches towards civil rights: The concept of civil rights has developed into a broad one and includes every action which leads to physical and mental exaltation and tranquility.
Therefore, civil rights are part of the broad and rooted rights known as human rights.
Civil Culture Indices:
Civil culture is defined as the principles governing the citizens' behavior.
Many discussions about differences among city residents, the urbanized, and citizens (in its specific sense) originate from this issue.
Higher levels of civil culture quality, leads to higher levels of most life quality indices.
Civil Rights Indices:
Civil rights have different dimensions categorized into three aspects by some western thinkers:
Civil, political, and social aspects
The civil aspect includes the necessary rights for individual liberties, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, and other individual liberties.
The political aspect includes citizens' rights to participate in political power enforcement, whether in the role of power members or in the role of a voter. The social aspect includes a wide range of basic rights of welfare and social security.
Civil Obligations:
1- Adherence to law:
To follow and obey the law; people's participation in encouraging each other to obey the law
2 - Civil Participation:
Participation in consensus decision-making
3 - Social Participation:
Safeguarding ethical health of the society
In this field, paying attention to the following priorities as proposals:
Monopolized and unrestricted assignation of the projects and prioritization of competition in this field (civil equalization)
To remove obstacles in comprehensibility of information and pave the way for information circulation in line with equalization in access to the information of the projects in hand for investment, etc.
To institutionalize the sovereignty of law through in-house training and performing cultural activities as to civil rights
To improve job security with an approach to stop the wastage of teamwork capacity through efficient use of specializations and application of the same in the service of all citizens' interests (civil equalization)
Basic and structural struggle against administrative, government, and executive corruption and to block the ways of common favoritisms
To create synergy between social capital and meritocracy in distribution of positions and opportunities, and to utilize common wisdom and make proper use of the experiences of competent experts and successful and experienced managers.
Formation of specialized councils, projects screening, and revival of civil thinking
The capability of the department personnel shall be reviewed and then the reformative actions shall be taken.
Revival of civil thinking, and organizing the management of basic projects (highways, freeways, railways, and roads) as well as screening the projects in a clear manner for the benefit of the public
Adherence to the law and propagation of lawfulness
Follow up and supervision of proper enforcement of rules and regulations
Forming an organizational structure proportionate to missions of the department subdivisions, both general and specific
Coordination and interaction with departments and authorities inside and outside of the organization within the rules and regulations
Utilization of information technology (IT) and administrative automation with an approach to develop electronic administration
Specification and delegation of assignable activities (subject of article 44 of IRI constitution) to boost the enforcement of government sovereignty (privatization)
Observation of the civil rights, preparation and distribution of a charter of client rights to respect clients and answer clients' legal issues (including the organization personnel and others (contractors)).
Degree of conformity between the performance and objectives, plans, and policies laid down
Having an operational plan proportionate to missions, duties, and powers
Creation of a legal statistics and data bank for the working manpower (managers, employees, and consultants) as well as cases, properties, contracts, etc.
To properly encourage and raise managers and competent employees
To review and follow up the affairs related to respectful behavior towards people and clients, and observance of civil rights
To perform actions in the field of IT to improve the management systems (decision making, etc.) and maximize the efficiency thereof
and to boost the capability of the department to render wide ranging, fast, reliable, and ongoing services to clients, as well as proper interaction with people.
To identify hardware, software, support and security requirements of computer system
To prepare and draw up the planning and budget system
To design the planning framework for all levels of the company
To plan for the identification of national and provincial credit requirements in order to speed up the completion of projects
For the purpose of revival of the civil thinking, the most important mission of this department is to enact and implement regulations in order to improve security, welfare, quality of services, and citizens' rights preservation (including employees, contractors, consultants, and project managers).
Therefore, it is recommended that justice-oriented, civil rights, and accountability indices, are taken into account while designing and reviewing all operational policies and processes.
We hope that all citizens would be benefited from what they deserve, through thoughtful plans of the moderation and hope government.

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